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PCDI Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Child Development Institute 

is to provide effective, science-based intervention 

for children and adults with autism

and, through research and dissemination,  

to extend treatment resources to people with autism, 

both nationally and internationally.


The Princeton Child

Development Institute

Pioneering Autism Intervention and Research for over 43 years

PCDI, founded in 1970, is a private, non-profit program offering a broad spectrum of science-based services to children, youths, and adults with autism. The Institute not only provides quality treatment, education, and professional training and mentoring in New Jersey, but through its research, has pioneered comprehensive intervention models that are used nationally and internationally for the benefit of persons with autism.

These programs teach young children to talk, play with siblings and friends, and read and write. Adolescents continue academic and work-study programs while learning to participate in their homes and communities. Adults perfect skills that allow them to maintain jobs and achieve greater levels of independence.

Because autism knows no national or cultural boundaries, PCDI shares its pioneering programs, technology, and research with professionals in the US and abroad so that all people who struggle with autism may benefit.

 2015-2016 Annual Appeal 

Thank You! 

Dear PCDI Friends


Part of the excitement of having children is the anticipation and celebration of developmental milestones; crawling, standing and walking, as well as understanding and responding to others.

Some parents suspect something isn’t quite right when their children don’t exhibit some of these responses and skills. This is what happened with Derek, whose parents realized he wasn’t “just a little” behind schedule.

Derek, like one in 45 children in New Jersey, was diagnosed with autism. Many parents of children with autism never get a chance to celebrate these special moments, and many of these children struggle to learn, interact with others, and develop relationships. With an exceptionally positive outlook, Derek’s parents were determined to find the best help available for their son. They enrolled Derek at Princeton Child Development Institute, where nearly half of children who receive early intervention eventually transition to public or private schools.  He has already made tremendous progress.

But more work needs to be done, and more people need our help.  I’m reaching out to you with the hope that you’ll support our efforts with a charitable contribution to PCDI. While researchers work to find a cure, PCDI will continue to provide science-based intervention to help people with autism enjoy a happy life and become active, productive members of their communities.

On behalf of the thousands of people whose lives we have touched, as well as those who we will help in the future, I thank you for your support.



Gregory S. MacDuff, Ph.D., BCBA-D.

Executive Director