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with Autism

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PCDI Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Child Development Institute is to provide effective, science-based intervention for children and adults with autism and, through research and dissemination, to extend treatment resources to people with autism, both nationally and internationally.

Impact of Your Support

PCDI is one of a handful of research and treatment organizations to report that, of children who enter treatment before age 5, nearly 47% later make successful transitions to regular public schools.

A growing body of evidence indicates that children may benefit even more if they receive intervention before age 3. To date, almost half of the children who entered PCDI’s Early Intervention program as toddlers have entered regular preschools or schools, or are in transition to regular education settings.

In addition to PCDI’s work, other professionals have found that when a child with autism receives early intensive behavioral services, like those provided by PCDI, the cost savings over his/her lifetime exceeds one million taxpayer dollars because costly institutional care is unnecessary.

Did you know?


98% of the adults with autism in PCDI’s Adult Life Skills Program have been employed in community work settings. PCDI’s Supported Employment Program offers adults with autism paid competitive work and ongoing support in integrated work settings.

Did you know?


There are presently more than 50 research articles authored by PCDI staff, and published in peer-reviewed journals. This research has identified innovative teaching procedures; like incidental teaching, activity schedules, and script fading; which autism intervention professionals around the globe now employ.