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PCDI Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Child Development Institute is to provide effective, science-based intervention for children and adults with autism and, through research and dissemination, to extend treatment resources to people with autism, both nationally and internationally.

Family Focus Group Home

Experiences in Community Living

Family Focus, founded in 1977, was the first group home in New Jersey for young people with autism. Family Focus at Mountainview, founded in 1983, also provides services to people whose severe disabilities require around-the-clock treatment. Both of these homes are staffed by professional teaching parents, married couples who live there and promote successful family-participation experiences. The Family Focus programs are the result of extensive research; they continue to serve as demonstration projects that permit continuing development and dissemination of this unique model of residential treatment.

The youths and adults who live in the homes participate in family-style activities designed to teach receptive and expressive language, recreation and leisure activities, home-living skills, health and hygiene, and personal safety. Special individualized programs help them learn to initiate interactions with others and to make decisions, and frequent family outings provide opportunities to learn to participate more fully in community life. Young people who reside in the Family Focus homes attend the Institute’s school or career-development program. The Family Focus programs are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities and are annually evaluated by nationally known experts in autism intervention.

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