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Pre-School & School

Pool-LucyIn PCDI’s Pre-School and School programs, students age 3 to 21 attend intensive, one-to-one sessions alternated with small-group activities to teach children to relate to classmates and participate in social situations. Each child’s learning activities are specially designed to meet individual needs, but all students’ programs emphasize language development, social interaction, and independence. Data collection of students’ performances ensure that there is an accurate, ongoing record of student challenges and achievements.

In order to address the needs and concerns of students’ families, parents and staff closely communicate to identify learning goals. During home visits, hands-on training is provided to parents and caregivers to allow them to be part of the intervention team. Home visits are conducted a minimum of once per week for younger students and decrease as students get older and gain competence in life skills. Great care is taken to meet the individual challenges facing each student and their family.

The preschool and school are accredited and certified by the Mercer County Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Education. Children may be referred by parents, local school districts, child advocates, licensed independent professionals, or human service agencies.


Your donation to PCDI is an investment in the future for each of our students and learners, ages 2-52.