Providing Lifelong

Services to People

with Autism

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PCDI Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Child Development Institute is to provide effective, science-based intervention for children and adults with autism and, through research and dissemination, to extend treatment resources to people with autism, both nationally and internationally.

Residencies / Traineeships

Residents (usually masters or doctoral-level candidates) receive one or more years of mentoring at PCDI while being supported by a sending agency that purchases the Institute’s training services. Under the guidance of senior professionals, some residents undertake research during their stay at the Institute.

Traineeships are provided to professionals and graduate students from throughout the United States, and from other countries. Persons who occupy traineeships receive stipends from PCDI, and benefit from ongoing, intensive training. Young professionals from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Korea, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Russia have completed traineeships and returned to their own states or countries to expand intervention options. Traineeships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Both residencies and traineeships cultivate key personnel resources. New agencies approach PCDI for assistance with program development, but are often unable to identify qualified directors. Young professionals who have completed residencies or traineeships may be ideal candidates. The mentoring they receive at the Institute helps them efficiently establish intervention programs, staff training programs, and evaluation systems.