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2017 - Unlocking Potential

Teaching Independence and Choice

Founded in 1970, Princeton Child Development Institute continues to be in the forefront of applied behavior analysis research and treatment of autism. Of children who enter the program before the age of five, approximately half make transitions to public school classrooms, often at the appropriate grade levels. Some former students are now in college, and some are college graduates. The behavioral approach to intervention used at PCDI is supported by years of rigorous and systematic investigation.

In October of 1997, the Institute expanded its technology dissemination efforts by presenting the first teleconference on autism intervention. This program is based on that conference. Recent research conducted at PCDI documents the effectiveness of procedures that enable children, youths, and adults with autism to make choices, to sequence their own activities, to initiate conversations, and to complete many functional tasks without assistance or prompts from others. Teaching Independence and Choice provides detailed information about:

  • How to teach first activity schedules
  • How to include social interaction tasks in schedules
  • How to teach choice making
  • How to fade prompts
  • How to use schedules at home to enhance participation in family life
  • How to help children progress from pictorial to written schedules
  • How to use schedules to build time-management skills
  • How to troubleshoot instructional procedures to ensure skill acquisition

Videotapes made in PCDI’s preschool, school, and group homes, and in children’s own homes, demonstrate the use of the teaching procedures, show curriculum materials, and illustrate error-correction and prompt-fading procedures.

TO PURCHASE: Contact PCDI at info@pcdi.org. 2 DVDs, 2 hours and 45 minutes, $120.

Presenters: Patricia J. Krantz, Ph.D. Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph.D. Edward C. Fenske, M.A.T., Ed.S. Gregory S. MacDuff, Ph.D.


“Adults with Autism: The Journey Home is a valuable film for both families and practitioners to view. It is a reminder of the powerful resources the field of ABA has change individuals and families’ quality of life. While it may be a film that families of adolescents or adults on the autism spectrum are drawn to, it should be recommended to families at early stages as a tool to understand the importance of using scientifically validated interventions as a direct correlation to outcomes that will impact their child throughout all stages of life.”

–The Association for Science in Autism Treatment

The true story of Bobby, James, Amy, and Will—four individuals born with autism who, now as adults, live independently in the community. These remarkable outcomes are the result of early and ongoing intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Parents reveal the challenges and successes they’ve encountered raising their children with autism from infancy to adulthood. Professionals describe the scientific methods used to teach daily living and job readiness skills that provide adults with a greater level of independence and competence.

BONUS DISK INCLUDES: Autism in other countries, understanding Applied Behavior Analysis, preparing for adulthood & more.

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2 DVDs, 97 minutes, $20.

Executive Producers: Pamela & Roland Machold
Producer: Ed Fenske
Director & Editor: Casey Lawrence
Cinematographer: James Masi