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with Autism

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PCDI Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Child Development Institute is to provide effective, science-based intervention for children and adults with autism and, through research and dissemination, to extend treatment resources to people with autism, both nationally and internationally.

The Adult Life-Skills Programs


In 1984, when the first young person completed his schooling at PCDI but needed continuing intervention, the Institute embarked on the development of a program for adults with autism.
The model features supported, competitive employment. Skilled PCDI professionals provide job coaching and ensure effective work performance; in addition, they teach “life skills” such as money management, good grooming, menu planning, and use of leisure time. Some enrolled adults hold word-processing and data-entry jobs in corporate environments; others work in industry, in hotel housekeeping, and in the grounds maintenance department of a local college.
Through income-tax payments, reduced SSI benefits, and employer tax credits, these workers with autism contribute to levels of cost effectiveness that are superior to the costs of maintaining people in sheltered settings, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of increased independence and social integration. [learn more about the Adult Life-Skills Program]

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